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As of , there are 23 (a full list of AO rated games can be found here Mature Sexual Themes — Provocative material, possibly including partial nudity.

Top 10 Adults only Games Having Strong Sexual Content sex ao games list of rated

Recently the mods for that Sengan Kagura beach game elevate it to strictly adult material and make it even funnier. For mods, every Skyrim needs a lusty argonian maid mod. What's that sims 4 sex mod called?

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That would jump Sims 4 up to AO only probably. I would feel creepy using a Senran Kagura nude mod considering the intent is for girls to be underage.

The novelty of AO mods wears thin for sxe pretty quickly. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Contents [ show ]. Retrieved from " http: Everyone E Todos Enfants et Adultes. Content is generally suitable for all ages. Content is generally suitable for ages 10 and up.

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Teen T Adolescentes Adolescents. Fox News would have a field day. The activist groups and fox news would be saying that kids ratedd now play virtual pornography video games.

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It's just to much of a liability from lst PR perspective. Though this is mostlyonly prevalent in the US considering people here are so afraid of public talk of sex. Isn't the difference between M and AO 1 year? I think we already have our "AO" games. More would be overkill IMO.

Oct 3, - TIL that there are only 29 games with an Adults Only rating. X-Change and Tokimeki are both ancient games anyhow, none of the newer ones ever bothered. . Going down the list you have titles that imply sex, crime and . The Leisure Suit Larry game that's AO isn't like the one you played as a kid.

As for the topic, the problem is the retailers, not the console manufacturers. They won't stock AO games, and as you already know, a game that gets the AO rating sxe basically a death sentence.

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Gamess completely possible to tell a compelling story without going to excess, be it sex, drugs, gore or anything. Sometimes what you don't show is more powerful than what you do. There shouldn't be a need for the "AO" rating in the game industry Everything adult game costumes, including realistic blood, gore, nudity, profanity, etc. Sure, I think they should have them.

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Don't they already have a lot of that stuff available in Japan? I could understand if Sony didn't want to tarnish their image, but considering some of the JPRG"s available now, it's a bit too late already. People who don't like that stuff don't listt to buy them.

I don't read Playboy, but I don't think it should be banned from news stands.

Adult Games. 1 2 3 4 5 6. You've just stumbled across a treasure trove of adult-themed games. Enjoy? . The adventure - rpg game with sexy girls. vc.

Another thing to note of which I think has already been mentioned in this thread is that even list of ao rated sex games the game companies allow AO games to be developed on their consoles, retailers selling them would be a completely different matter. What gets me is the line of thought that showing a nude person or even two people haveing sex is worse and would require a higher rating than showing some one actually killing xex person in gory violent ways.

Its something i never thought about untill i heard it femsim adult game up in a movie.

It's good training, I hear. Gets you ready for the hundreds of SWAT that'll rain down on your ass.

ESRB Rating : Adults Only

Why not take a few down with you before you die? Scianix-Black Yeah, the double standard in the media is terrible Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion. BenderUnit22 Follow Forum Posts: Technically they do, in Europe.

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XVision84 Follow Forum Posts: Eh couldn't care less really! Japan's got you covered when it comes to 'AO' type games. I'm not American so had little reason to look into it.

My guess is however, they have sexual content in the game. I'm finding it difficult to believe a lish game is banned for violence alone in the US. They love the "rip and tear" mentality.

Swearing is a whole other ball game, however with two recent South Park games.

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Again, hard to believe. Only game that comes to mind overall being 'censored' that happened thanks to ESRB, and got nerfed across all countries; is Manhunt 2.

Will AO games ever be allowed in the US.

Which only got 'censored' due to a murder blown out of context regarding the original Manhunt, and less to do with the sequel game itself, when the psychopath was actually playing Grand Theft Auto lol.

My guess is other countries outside your own are simply more open to sexual content, as american dad adult game original sfx told.

Americans or at least US media and vocal supporters and I'm not judging just seem more ratde on list of ao rated sex games subject of sex compared to most of Europe and Asia. For what reason that is?

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I could not tell you, as an American I'm sure you understand your culture more than I. However that equally means we don't have to suffer the same odd standards as the US. I mean not even violent AO games can come out, Manhunt 2 lixt censored for violence to get an M rating.

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So it isn't sexual content exclusively. For starters Manhunt 2 had a lot of cut-sexual themed content. But back onto my above; Manhunt 2 rate toned down more because of a murder which was falsely claimed original Manhunt game was an apparent inspiration for the killers motives.

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News:Aug 13, - Adults Only – have content that should only be played by persons 18 years and older. Everything from a Playboy Screensaver to virtual sex games are by AO list and call for a law against selling M rated games to minors).

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