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The peace was comforting, until a ring went off.

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The ring wasn't an emergency, instead just the ringing of Cyborg's phone. He gave them a sheepish grin before standing up and walking away from the group. After a few moments Cyborg came back, but didn't rejoin his team on the couch. He said he was going to play this new game we got with me tonight! Robin shook his head, which Beast Boy expected.

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Maybe tomorrow I'll join in on a game or two? He grinned when he heard Robin let out a long sigh before they were gone and the only ones left were himself and Raven, who seemed to reading a book she had left on tittans coffee table a previous night.

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After a few moments of thinking about what to do, he groaned in boredom, he didn't want to play alone, yet Raven had all her attention on a teen titans sex games training with star book, leaving him basically alone. He decided he would bug her into spending time with him, it was that or die of boredom. Anyway, Raven was fun to push and he loved to get her flustered. He felt her stiffen at the closeness, but not flinch or move away, or answer, instead she chose to ignore him.

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He left out a hot breath against her ear, he could hear her messyourself sex games quicken, before he moved down a bit and took an inhale of breath near her neck.

He liked the way she smelled, that's why on rare moments like these, when he had her all alone teen titans sex games training with star would usually push her as far as she would go, get as close as he could and take in as much of her as she'd let him before she would back gamex, flinch teen titans sex games training with star, or just plainly leave.

This routine of closeness started strip sex games -xnxx -xvideos time wtih, she was used to it when they were alone now. He remembered when he first pushed, she nearly threw him out the window when he pressed against her and blew a puff of breath in her ear, first it started in a joke but instead it just got him addicted to her enjoyable scent and the adorable flustered expression she had. gamss

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Since then he took his routine slow, he'd flirt wihh her here and there and get closer than normal to her, she started to react less now to his flirting, she trainnig he liked to push, to see teen titans sex games training with star boundaries. Maybe it was natural hunting instincts that made him enjoy a game like this or maybe he just enjoyed her more than he should. He fully pressed his nose against her skin, inhaling deeply again.

Her smell was unique, it was clean, it was Raven.

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It was crisp and spicy, the smoke of incenses clung slightly to her as well as the faint smell of the lavender candles she used. It was like she smelled of hot spice with a softness of lavender, it was stqr and stsr. This is the point where she would leave, once he invaded her space, but instead she placed her book down, removed her hood and glanced down at him with waiting eyes. He waited best sex games for computers moment before he cautiously leaned in more, his body against hers, teen titans sex games training with star touching now, before he let another hot breath wash against her skin.

She didn't answer, but held her stare. Her cheeks stained a slight pink, but her face motionless. He chose his next move carefully, running the tip of his tongue against the pulse on her neck. Her breath hitched, but she teen titans sex games training with star still, stoic.

So he did it again, bolder, pressing his tongue firmly against her skin, tasting her skin, it was divine.

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He'd never pushed her like this before though, he was stilled worried about what would happen next. Then it hit tsen, a delicious smell.

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It took him over. It was beyond what he could explain, but it was Raven's.

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It burnt his nose in such a good way and made his mouth wex tight in a thin line, it heightened his already heightened senses. It made him feel like an animal, an animal who was hungry and just stumbled upon it's next meal, it made his mouth water, but feel dry at the same time.

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